You can set off to discover the western coast of Liguria (Ponente Ligure) just a few kilometres from Vallecrosia by following the Bike Trail of the Riviera of Flowers Coastal Park.The trail is 24 km long, one of the longest in Europe, and it follows the old coastal railway route that linked Genoa to Ventimiglia. Today, the trail is completely paved and equipped with signs and emergency points to request assistance. The tunnels have also been refurbished and equipped with illumination. The route, in our case, starts from Ospidaletti in the direction of Sanremo, then on to Arma di Taggia, Riva Ligure, Santo Stefano a Mare and ends at San Lorenzo al Mare. Along the route, there are rest areas, places to eat and to rent bicycles or simply to move around to explore nearby areas. Leaving Ospidaletti, you can take a detour to Bussana Vecchia, a town destroyed by the earthquake in 1887 and left uninhabited for almost a century until it was reborn in the 1970s. Today, Bussana Vecchia is still home to artists and has all the appeal of old towns where time has stopped. The town is just 4 km from the trail exit and you can also go there on foot (about 2 km) by following the mule track, which is also marked. Pedalling further along, a stop in Arma di Taggia and exploring the town of Taggia, famous for its delicious olives, is worth the while because it is also one of the most historically important towns of Liguria. Visit the convent of San Domenico, built about 1400. In addition to twelve altars, it conserves fine works by various painters including an Adoration of the Magi attributed to Parmigianino. Soon after Santo Stefano a Mare, there is a detour for Cipressa and Costarainera, then the trail continues on to San Lorenzo. Cipressa is a small town. One of its settlements, Lingueglietta, in included among the most beautiful of Italy.


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