In 1866, Mrs Boyce inaugurated a school in Vallecrosia. A few years later, in 1869, she also inaugurated boarding facilities soon followed by a nursery school and a primary school.

The number of boys and girls grew rapidly until, in 1911, the school decided to take in girls only. The schools were an integral part of the boarding institute and, for periods of varying duration, teachers from the Waldensian community alternated in guiding the classes. In 1915, the Waldensian Female Institute consisted of the building, the adjacent terrain and a chapel. Between 1866 and 1891, Mrs Boyce was entrusted with management of the institute, assisted by friends and committees in Great Britain. When Mrs Boyce died in 1891, she left the vast property to the Waldensian Board.
The Second World War forced suspension of the activities of the institute. In 1944, the north wing was completely destroyed by bombing and the rest of the building was gravely damaged. The girls who resided at the institute were evacuated to Torre Pellice.
After the war, the building was slowly recovered with the assistance of many volunteers from the Italian and European evangelistic communities. At that time, the Waldensian Church already had other boarding schools for minors in Italy and made plans to start a complementary activity for them in Vallecrosia. The Church therefore decided to inaugurate a seaside boarding house for students during the summer months and a convalescent home during the other months.  Gradually, during the 1980s, the House started to receive individuals travelling alone. This opened the way to tourist reception as the House began to welcome families and groups.


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